Meet The Team

Marc and Tenille Greenspan

We make the “Adams family” look normal. Parents to a beautiful baby boy (not so much a baby anymore) Gabriel, and a gorgeous Bully Puppy – Arthur (also not so much a puppy anymore) how would we describe us: Loud, Tired, Coffee addicts, Tired, Ying to each other’s Yang, Tired, Funny (we both think we are hilarious), big fans of club duvet (on the corner of bed and pillow street), love being parents, but we are mostly tired. In our new found wisdom of parenthood, we have learnt 3 things:
#1 Let it go – Anna of Frozen sang it best, no matter what happens, when it happens = let it go!!! You can whisper it, sing it, and think it.
#2 Parenting is the hardest yet most rewarding thing in the world.
#3 How to become silent, invisible ninjas (we learnt to cough without making a sound)

Chris and Colette Hörter

We met at college and it was love at first kilobyte. 15 years later… we have been married for 10 years and are (trying to be good) parents to Matthew(7), a sportsman at heart, and Olivia(3), our wild and feisty princess.

In Spice Girls terms I guess I would be Creative Geek and Chris would be Sporty Geek. When we’re not running our businesses or being kids with the kids you can find Chris on his mountain bike and me “hiding” behind a camera. We believe in love, family, truth, forgiveness, discipline, hard work and dreaming big… and that good coffee makes everything in the world right.