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Kinderlove Eezifone


15 in stock (can be backordered)

This is a phone for kids, and you really should read on why you need it.

What is it?

Well it’s a cell phone, but: It’s small, light and strong (hangs round your child’s neck)
Simple 1-click buttons for things like mum, dad, school, nanny, 911 which you might want your child to have access to.
Holding a button causes it to send a “Please call me” SMS (for if the phone runs out of airtime) .
You can call it just like any phone No screen, so no text bullying risk, no internet risks, and schools in and around Sandton (elsewhere we just haven’t asked yet) are generally happy to allow kids to have these in class.
You set the numbers it can dial, and you can change numbers instantly (online interface), anytime you want, but the child cannot make changes.
You decide the look and feel, number of buttons (4-12), and text on each button It uses pre-paid airtime, which you manage.
It’s not interesting to a thief as they cannot change the numbers that can be called, nor can they use the SIM card in another phone.
The back of the phone shows your number.

Who is it for?
Great for kids so they can call you to tell you if sports was cancelled or for you to call them if you can’t find them, or more importantly, so they can call you in emergencies – don’t worry, the novelty wears off after the first week 😉

For old folks, it’s a great emergency device that’s easy for old fingers and eyes to use

For sports persons (runners and cyclists), it’s something that’s not going to be hijacked and is light to carry. It also have a real “off” switch, so it can be stored for months without charging.

What it is NOT:
There is no screen, so no texting, and no internet It can only call the numbers you have chosen (using the very cool website setup page) It’s not cheap as it’s not supposed to be a low end phone, but it is rather built around kids and security