• Helicopter – 2.5 Channel Orange

Helicopter – 2.5 Channel Orange


Take to the skies with the 555 Series 2.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with built-in gyroscope for smooth balanced flying, free from turbulent trauma! I started bringing one of these babies into the office and using the precision controller to DIRECT my flying assistant to co-workers desks, bearing sticky notes with messages such as “I’m the one who stole your lunch” and “Can I go home now?” Use 2.5-channel infrared to direct this remote control chopper, specially designed for ease of manoeuvrability and in-door use. The high precision electron number balance technique keeps this whirlybird in perfect equilibrium even as you put it through a round of 360 degree aerial donuts. The power save function and rechargeable battery lend to the efficiency of the LS-Model Remote Control Helicopter, making it a must-have for your child or co-worker who never wants to get out of his chair. Features: Easy to fly Built-in gyroscope 2.5-channel infrared Power save function High precision electron number balance technique 360 degree exact orientation Precision controller Special indoor/outdoor design Band selection (A.B.C.) Recommended for ages 14+ Specifications: Charging time: 30min Flight height: 10m Range: 8-10m Flight time: 4-6 minutes Capacity: 3.7V 150MAH Size: 25.5cm x 11cm x 19cm Material: ABS non-toxic material, electronic component, ironware What’s in the box: 2.5 channel helicopter and remote joystick